Support the Bondi Girls U18 in the Surfaid Cup

Today we are excited to introduce you to Ebony, Laila, Sarah and Lucy, the team behind “Bondi Girls U18” who will be competing in the 2018 Surfaid Cup taking place on May 18th at Bondi Beach. The girls will be the youngest all female team to compete in the cup EVER. To date they have already raised over $5,900 and are aiming at raising $10,000. Though they are determined to give the boys a run for their money and show them what female surfers can do, the girls main goal is to raise as much money as possible to change the lives of women and children in developing countries. Every contribution means the world to the team, big or small. Please be generous in supporting the girls and DONATE HERE >>

Tell us about your team members competing in the Bondi Surfaid Cup (age, name, suburbs, favourite emoji) 

Laila, age 16, from NSW, Bondi 

Sarah, age 17, from NSW, Bondi 

Lucy, age 14, from NSW, Bondi 

Ebony, age 13, from NSW, Bondi  


Who amongst the pro surfers would you love to team up with in the Surf aid cup and why?

 We think it would be pretty cool to surf with Sally Fitz, Steph Gilmore or Tyler Wright because we really look up to them as surfers/people and there is a lot we could learn from them, but we would be happy with anyone because any pro surfer would be awesome.


You're a young group of girls, are you the youngest competing in the Bondi Surf Aid Cup?

 Yes, we are the youngest all female group to compete in a SurfAid cup ever.


Why did you want to participate in the Surf Aid Cup?

 We wanted to participate in the SurfAid cup because we thought it would be a really great experience to help people that need it most. We want to make a positive change to remote communities off Indonesia, helping countries with one of the highest mortality rate. And we thought it would be awesome to be able to surf and save lives.


Do you think you have a good chance to win the Cup, why? 

We think that we have a good shot just like all the other teams do, but we definitely need to put in a big effort and practice hard if we really do want to win which we do. I think that it will be difficult especially considering we are against people older than us but it all comes down to heart and who works the hardest and how we go on the day.


What are you hoping to achieve with this project? Do you have any set goal? 

Our goal is to really make a difference for the women and children that we are supporting. Even though we hope to win on the day that really isn’t the most important thing to us. The most important thing to us is that we do our best to raise as much money to support this charity and make SurfAid and everyone that donated proud. Our goal at the moment is to raise $10,000 or more if it is possible.


You're an all-female team, what does this mean to you? 

To us being an all-female team seems pretty cool because we think it shows people that it doesn’t matter what gender you are because everyone has a great shot and can help just as much as one another. It will also be pretty fun giving the guys a run for their money and hopefully being able to prove that even though we are younger and female it doesn’t mean we can’t beat the boys!!!!


Female surfing is gaining traction, but it's still a male dominated sport, why do you think that's still the case? 

We think that this is still the case because most surf movies out there you see the guys going out and getting the big waves and turning and doing sick tricks, and considering this has been the case in movies for a while now we think it has just stuck in people’s heads. We also think that it may have something to do with self-confidence and not thinking you are good enough to go out and fight for waves against all the males out in the water. But this shouldn’t be the case, we recon you just need to get out there whether you are good or not because it’s all about practice and perseverance and trust me they wouldn’t dare say anything to us females giving it a go because there will always be great person out there that won’t stand by it.


What needs to happen to achieve equality in this sport? 

To achieve equality in this sport I think that everyone needs to realise that we should all be treated as equals, and that everyone started off as a beginner and no one was perfect when they first picked up a board. I think this is forgotten when people get to dominate in their sport like surfing and can no longer see the joy and fun they have when doing it. I have a great passion and love for surfing that I think is shared with every surfer that is out in the water. It kind of reminds me of the domino effect, if we help one another and let everyone have the opportunity to surf it will help us achieve equality throughout surfing.


Do you have other charity projects in the pipeline? 

I’m not too sure what the rest of the group is looking at doing after the SurfAid cup, but personally I would like to continue helping this charity out and become a part of it more because I really admire what they do. I would also like to look at creating a line of bags where 100 percent of the profits can go to my chosen charity.

Help Ebony, Sarah, Lucy and Laila meet their $10,000 donation goal. DONATE here >>